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Teensy Arduino USB Tap Tempo for Axe-FX

Here’s a simple hardware project that would be a good first-time project for anyone interested in creating their own USB MIDI device.

For this project I used a small and inexpensive USB-based microcontroller board called the Teensy 2.0. This tiny board is packed with features: 25 I/O pins, 12 analog inputs, 7 PWM outputs, 16MHz processor, USB 2.0 full-speed/low-speed, UART, SPI, and I2C.

Teensy 2.0 development board

I used the free Arduino software development platform for this project. The Arduino language is similar to C, so anyone familiar with C will feel right at home. The company that makes the Teensy provides an extension to Arduino called TeensyDuino, which adds support for the USB 2.0 port. Making a USB device could not be easier.

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Axe4Live devices available for download

I’ve uploaded the Axe4Live devices at

Axe4Live Hub

Axe4Live Amp 1

Axe4Live Amp 2

Axe4Live Drive 1

Axe4Live Drive 2

Screen shot:


This is a blog about Axe4Live and other projects of mine. I hope you find these projects interesting and useful.

The Axe4Live project might be useful for anyone who owns Live8, Max for Live, and an Axe-FX guitar pre-amp/effects processor. Currently it is Mac-only, but I am looking for a way to use axe4live on PCs. I created axe4live to be able to use knobs on my controller keyboard (Novation SL series) when adjusting Axe-FX settings. Finally, real knobs to adjust the settings of my modeling amp.

I have a few hardware projects in the works. Stay tuned.

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