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DIY MOTU Microlite MIDI Thru Mod

Here’s a mod for the MOTU Microlite.

Problem: I use a program called MIDI Patchbay to route/merge midi in the computer. If my Macbook is disconnected, crashed, or sleeping, my MIDI footcontroller (MFC-101) cannot control my effect/amp processor (Axe-FX) or other rack gear.

Solution: This mod adds a MIDI-thru feature to the Microlite. It is controlled by a new switch on the front panel. The switch selects between two operating modes:

Normal Mode
LED off Microlite is a 5×5 usb midi interface
Thru Mode
LED on IN1 is routed to OUT2, OUT3, OUT4, and OUT5
IN2 is routed to OUT1

Teensy 2.0
74HCT595N (get at least 2 of these)
toggle switch
1k ohm resistor
wire wrap wire
small gauge hookup wire for switch and LED
heat shrink tubing for LED and resistor

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USB MIDI footswitch for Axe-FX

Here’s a fun project I started about two months ago, and finished this weekend. It’s a DMC Ground Control (GC), modified with Teensy++2.0 controller, which turns it into a powerful USB expander footswitch for use with my Axe-FX Ultra and MFC-101.

Here’s a short video showing the various features:

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