MIDI Merger/Router

The next project on my bench is a MIDI merger/router using an Arduino Mega ADK. I have not had time to start working on the code, but the prototype hardware is done.

Mega ADK MIDI Router

I like the sturdy metal Hammond box, but it was very difficult to make the rectangular holes.

The DIN jacks were much easier. I use a stepped bit for the large holes.

More soon.


2 responses to “MIDI Merger/Router

  • yvey


    WOW! cool. this is the only one I’ve found with multiple arduino midi inputs, after a lot of searching.

    And so fresh. March 1st 2012 !!!

    – would it be possible to have FOUR midi inputs? using any mega?

    – is it possible to have more than one OUTPUT? (while inputs still functioning) — if so, could any multiple outputs be made to simply send the same OUT data as each other.

    – is the ADK being used becuase you have one and would any mega work for more than one midi input?

    – building a midi merger, do you know if there’s any limitations speed, jitter, whateverwise using arduinos? I don’t know much and have heard that not all midi merge boxes are designed well. speed should be good with arduino mega?

    Really hoping to use the arduinos for as many projects as possilble. would way rather use one to build midi merger rather than learning some other method.


    • axe4live

      Thanks for the comment!

      Four MIDI I/O should be possible using RX0 and TX0 on the Mega or Mega ADK. To use these, I think the Mega8U2 micro will need to be disabled. Looks like this can be done by installing a shunt between pins 5 and 6 of the ICSP header. Also a jumper should be used between the new opto-isolator and the RX0 pin. When programming the Mega, disconnect the opto from the RX0 input.

      To add more outputs sending the same data, you can easily add a MIDI THRU circuit to add as many outputs as you need.

      I’m using the ADK because it has the USB Host port. I’m still thinking of ways to use this, but for now I’ll just say I want to be able to merge data coming from USB MIDI devices.

      Regarding speed limitation of the Mega, this is not a problem. MIDI is very slow compared to the Mega’s processing speed, and MIDI timing is not an issue because we are using the hardware UARTs. The limitation is software – and that’s the tricky part.

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