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MIDI Merger/Router

The next project on my bench is a MIDI merger/router using an Arduino Mega ADK. I have not had time to start working on the code, but the prototype hardware is done.

Mega ADK MIDI Router

I like the sturdy metal Hammond box, but it was very difficult to make the rectangular holes.

The DIN jacks were much easier. I use a stepped bit for the large holes.

More soon.



This is a blog about Axe4Live and other projects of mine. I hope you find these projects interesting and useful.

The Axe4Live project might be useful for anyone who owns Live8, Max for Live, and an Axe-FX guitar pre-amp/effects processor. Currently it is Mac-only, but I am looking for a way to use axe4live on PCs. I created axe4live to be able to use knobs on my controller keyboard (Novation SL series) when adjusting Axe-FX settings. Finally, real knobs to adjust the settings of my modeling amp.

I have a few hardware projects in the works. Stay tuned.

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